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Franchise Sales Improvement

Kick Your Franchise Development Into High Gear!

There has never been more competition for high-quality franchise candidates than today! If you’re reading this – we have already proven the point. Everyone is seeking to add new units. So what does it take?

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Last September, Franchise Update Media released their 2017 Annual Franchise Development Report. The 2017 AFDR is based on responses from 167 franchisors representing 60,989 units (51,789 franchised and 9,200 company-owned). Highlights from the report and questions you should be asking yourself and your team include:

  • Franchisees are getting younger. Are you prepared?
  • The two most important factors for Franchise Development are a strong recruiting process and franchisee validation. Do you know what your franchisees are saying about you and your brand? Do you have a detailed recruiting process – or when is the last time you reviewed it?
  • Your online web presence is critical! Do you have a high-conversion website with the right content to attract the new franchise profile you are seeking? Does it speak your brand DNA?
  • Overall recruitment budgets increased in 2016. Do you know what yours is and how it is allocated?
  • Four in ten brands still do not track cost per lead, or cost per sale, etc. Are you one of the four??
  • 50% of leads never get followed up on! Are yours? Do you really know?
  • International expansion continues to grow. Are you interested in expanding outside of the U.S.?

We Can Help

If you’re not hitting your growth goals (are they realistic?) – we can help identify what is wrong and help you make the adjustments necessary to kick things into high gear. Areas we can help you with:

  • Setting up Franchise Broker/Consultant Programs
  • Setting up Veteran Recruitment Programs
  • Determining Realistic Brand Growth Sales Goals
  • Assessing and Understanding Your New Franchisee Recruiting Profile
  • Assessing Existing Franchisee Validation (Secret Shopping Franchisees)
  • Assessing Franchise Sales Staff (Secret Shopping Your Salespeople)
  • Creation of a Recruiting Blueprint (Franchise Sales Process)
  • Developing Your Brand DNA (Brand Value Proposition)
  • Assistance with Lead Generation Budget & Plan
  • Reviewing & Determining Lead Generation Sources
  • Reviewing & Development of a Great Franchise Website (High Lead Conversion)
  • Franchise Sales Social Media Integration
  • Assessment of Franchise Sales Marketing Materials
  • Development or Refining a Lead Qualification Procedure
  • Reviewing & Determining In-Store Brand Discovery Presentations and Materials
  • Specialized Franchise Sales Training for Staff – Including Role Playing
  • Determine Recruiting Metrics and Pipeline Management (Measuring Your Results)
  • Assessing Recruiting Technology Platforms (CRM)

Multi-Unit Programs Development

Looking to grow faster? We help franchisors refine or create their expansion methods both domestic and Internationally. If you are currently offering Single Units only, or need help with existing programs, we can identify improvement areas or help formulate Multi-Unit, Area Representative and Master Franchise Programs that work for your brand.

It takes much more than changing your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). These types of franchise expansion programs require different franchisee profiles, training, sales approach, internal support, as well FDD legal structure. We can help you identify gaps in your organization and prepare your brand for larger transactions and growth. We have worked with the largest and most successful brands in the world and are experts at these methods and how they need to be structured.

  • Single Unit Expansion
  • Area Development Expansion (Multi-Unit, Same Owner)
  • Area Representative Programs
  • Master Franchise Programs

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Learn More About Our Experience

Listen to Lonnie Helgerson’s interview below by Sandra Hart, the BNI Global Director of Ireland for promoting his upcoming keynote address at their International Directors meeting in Las Vegas, NV. With over 200,000 members in 7,500 plus chapters worldwide, BNI® is the world’s leading referral organization.