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25 Core Areas of a Successful Franchise Brand

The Franchise Mega-Brand Model of Success   (Mega=Great)

The Model of Success diagram illustrates the building blocks for growing a successful franchise Mega-Brand.

The strength of a pyramid is no stronger than its base. In this case franchisee profitability is the foundation upon which all aspects of the franchise model rely. If there are no franchisee profits the base erodes and crumbles causing the entire franchise system to collapse.

A strong Model of Success will couple franchisee profitability with an equally strong franchisor and team, building upon that foundation with layers of successful elements such as:

  • Positive franchisee relations
  • An ecosystem that promotes, develops, and shares system best practices
  • A “good is never good enough” approach to training and support
  • On-going development of programs to grow the system revenues
  • Setting Key Performance Indicators, monitoring them system-wide as pro-active support and growth tools
  • Growing the system methodically with the best franchisees possible

As the strength of the system builds towards the top of the Model of Success, it continuously cascades tools, resources, programs, and efficiencies back to the base, creating additional franchisee profitability and refueling the entire model.

Using the Model of Success example above, we will work with you to create a comprehensive one for your brand’s strategic plan with initiatives, programs, and goals based upon the Ten Rules and tools contained in Five Pennies. The brand audit workshop will bring alignment and focus to everyone on your team and provide you with quarterly goals. Your team will understand your brand’s strategic vision and the roadmap to getting there.

The 25 Core Areas of a Successful Franchise Brand

Franchise Mega-Brands are successful because they create a continuous process of measurement and improvement in all areas of their systems. However, before you can begin to improve anything – you need to establish a baseline measurement of your system today. The list below is to help you determine a master benchmark for improvement through understanding the 25 core areas of your franchise brand.

If your system is brand new, some of these core areas may not be applicable to you yet. But let me assure you, they will impact you at some point in your brands lifecycle, so start working on, and understanding them now. For larger mature systems, you may have other specific areas that are not included in this list, but are easy enough to add.

  1. Franchisee Unit Profitability
  2. Franchisee Unit Operations
  3. Franchisee Relations
  4. Franchisee Validation
  5. Franchisee Engagement
  6. Franchisee Support
  7. System Best Practices
  8. Operations Manuals
  9. Franchisee Training
  10. Supply Chain/Purchasing
  11. System Compliance
  12. System Quality Assurance
  13. Brand Management KPI’s
  14. Brand Management Information Systems
  15. Franchisee Local Marketing
  16. Franchise System Branding
  17. Franchise System Marketing
  18. Current Franchisee Profile
  19. New Franchisee Recruiting
  20. New Franchisee Marketing
  21. Franchisee Financing
  22. System Partnerships
  23. Partners in Growth Programs
  24. HQ Staff Franchise Education
  25. Corporate Resources


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