HFG Announces New On-Site Franchise Sales Training Program

Are you hitting your new unit sales goals, or seeking to improve them? There has never been more competition and pressure to close deals with high-quality candidates than toady! If you’re reading this – I’ve have already proven the point. Everyone is seeking to add new units. So what does it take and how can you improve? Interesting enough, many FranDev people don’t thoroughly understand how to read candidates and/or have basic training in franchise sales and process.

HFG is pleased to announce a new Franchise Sales Training Module focused on providing and/or refreshing the following areas. This training module is geared towards seasoned or new FranDev teams and is completed on-site at your headquarters over 1.5 days (depending on staff size).

HFG Team Interviews

  • Conduct 1-1 interviews with each of your team members to better understand:
    • Their strengths/weaknesses as it relates to their job.
    • Their interpretation of the current sales process.
    • Do they thoroughly understand the current process?
    • Any challenges they might be having with their job and process.
    • How they feel they can improve their sales results.

Understanding Candidate Profile Types & the Psychology of Each

  • Learning the 4 profile types of candidates.
  • How to communicate with each of these profiles.
  • Asking the right (and deep) questions.
  • Listening for what the candidate is “not saying”.
  • Refresher on TMM (time, money, motivation) & FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).
  • How to pre-close, rate candidates, and drive appointment setting.

Candidate Role Playing

  • Conduct 1-1 role playing with each team member with critiques by peers.
  • What was asked, what wasn’t.
  • Was the candidate pre-closed or rated?
  • Was the sales process reviewed with the candidate and an appointment established?

Roundtable Process Discussion

  • Discuss and examine the current process.
  • Discuss lost deals to determine process improvement or patterns.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Lonnie recently came to our offices at Huddle House to run a 2-day seminar for our Franchise Sales and Real Estate team. It was fantastic! My team is “seasoned” … meaning each has 10+ years in the business … and didn’t initially see how a sales training session could benefit them. After running through back to basics exercises, buyer profiling, role playing and just open sharing of frustrations, sales road blocks, and ideas, the whole team was energized and came away with some tangible ideas to improve results. I would highly recommend Lonnie to all franchisors looking for a sales tune-up, or those just starting out!”

Christina Chambers, CFE
SVP Franchise Development







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