Do Your Franchisees Say That You Genuinely Care About Their Input on the Direction of the System?

Take The 10 Question Franchisee Relationship Test

The following is an excerpt from my book 5 Pennies: Ten Rules to Successfully Building a Franchise Mega-Brand and Maximizing System Profits.

Here are ten important questions to ask yourself and your teams that will help you assess your current culture and actions towards franchisee relations:

  1. What are we doing to continue and ensure a high-touch experience with the franchisees in our system?
  2. Do we manage the system with any transparency?
  3. How would our franchisees rate our engagement with them?
  4. How do we react to franchisees when new ideas are brought forth for consideration?
  5. Does our corporate culture really “walk the talk” that our brand information promises in the recruiting process? Are we all directly involved with the process?
  6. Do our franchisees perceive us as honest and trustworthy?
  7. Do we actively seek input from our franchisees?
  8. Does anyone on our staff show favoritism or practice retribution toward any franchisee? How is it policed?
  9. Would our franchisees say that we genuinely care about their input on the direction of the system?
  10. Do we tend to rely on the legal relationship before we try to work issues out through the operating relationship with our franchisees?


Developing a culture of great franchisee engagement and relations doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, consistent championing by leadership, a ton of hard work, and a commitment to constant system improvement.

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